Jon Bennett

BASc, Electrical Engineering (2010)
University of Waterloo


Skills Summary

·       Proficient in C, C++, Java, C#, Visual Basic, familiar with Python , PIC Assembly & VHDL

·       Strong Computer Networking Background

·       Experienced with Embedded and High-Level Software Design, Implementation, and Testing

·       Adept in Hardware Design, Schematic Creation, PCB Layout, Board Bring-up, and Hardware debugging



·       Driven to continually learn and excel

·       Documented track record of results


Work Experience

Sqair Wave     Waterloo, ON     April 2011 - Present
·     Embedded systems and software consulting services

Embedded Systems Design Engineer
Allerta Inc.     Waterloo, ON     July 2010 – March 2011
·     Lead Developer for inPulse Smartwatch (
·     Responsible for all software: embedded, blackberry application, and SDK (design, implementation, and testing)
·     Debugged final hardware revision and fixed critical processor sleep issue

Design Engineer
Avvasi Inc.     Kitchener, ON     September 2009 – December 2009
·     Designed and implemented core networking components of a C++ video-networking application
·     Implemented IP defragmentation, a high-speed timer system, packet direction determination, and debugged TCP implementation
·     Strengthened high-performance C++ coding skills

Automated Test Developer
Trimble Inc.     Christchurch , New Zealand     January 2009  – April 2009
·     Designed and implemented cost-saving test infrastructure in C# replacing a deeply flawed system
·     Wrote C# unit tests to test a complex networked database application
·     Discovered the beauty of New Zealand while hiking, sky diving, and bungee jumping

Hardware Engineer
Sandvine Inc.     Waterloo , ON     May 2008 – August 2008
·     Assisted in board bring-up, verification, and debugging of new designs
·     Debugged a variety of hardware issues using lab equipment (scopes, logic analyzers, etc.)
·     Learned the entire hardware iteration process from requirements, design, PCB layout, to board bring-up

Software Developer
Sandvine Inc.     Waterloo , ON     Sept. 2007 – Dec. 2007
·     Developed hardware verification tests via kernel-mode driver (FreeBSD 6) for 10Gbps network device
·     Implemented automated testing procedures as well as a cli (command line interface) manufacturing test tool
·     Strengthened my object-oriented C++ design skills and gained valuable kernel-mode experience in C

iPhone Software Engineer
Apple Inc.     Cupertino , CA     Jan. 2007 – April 2007
·     Contributed to the development of software (driver and stack) implementations of WiFi and Bluetooth on the iPhone
·     Implemented RF factory software test mode (kernel and user-space software components)
·     Learned as much about applied innovation as embedded systems


Relevant Projects (+ many more, just ask!)

Wifi Robot
Personal Project     August 2008
·     Camera + Hacked Linksys WRT54GL (router running Linux) + RC Car = Wifi Robot
·     For extensive project details, schematics and software source code:
·     Featured on Hack-A-Day (8/28/08), Gizmodo (9/19/08), BoingBoing (9/19/08), HackedGadgets (9/17/08), and other sites

UW Sign
Personal Project     April 2008
·     Built large 1.1x0.8m LED matrix sign and installed in a prominent street-facing window. Scolled text and animations.
·     Custom electronics (PIC microcontroller, Maxim LED drivers) and Linux software (see